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Vaccine technology being developed atnbsp;The University of Queenslandnbsp;could hold the key to com ... more

Lung Foundation Australia has launched new guidelines to help primary care health professionals to d ... more

Researchers at Griffith Universityrsquo;snbsp;Institute for Glycomicsnbsp;have moved a step closer t ... more

New Canadian guidelines on prostate cancer testing that recommend against use of the PSA blood test ... more

Oncologists treat cancer, neurologists specialise in brain disorders, immunologists diagnose infecti ... more

Research at the University of Adelaide is offering new insights into how to prevent bone loss and re ... more

University of Queensland researchers warn that many countries in Africarsquo;s Sub-Saharan region co ... more

A University of Queensland study is one of the worldrsquo;s first to investigate whether obesity and ... more

One of the lesser understood consequences of type 2 diabetes is its potential to exacerbate bladder ... more

Consumers and health professionals are advised that Discus Dental Australia, in consultation with th ... more

Today, the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) together with the International Liais ... more

A new report released today reveals lung disease contributes to more than 10%nbsp;of the overall hea ... more

University of Queensland researchers are examining how family members are affected when a loved one ... more

A team of researchers, including one from The University of Western Australia, has found there may b ... more

An international team of scientists has uncovered a genetic switch that turns the global killer bact ... more

New research shows that young adults with type 2 diabetes experience similar levels of depression an ... more

People aged over 50 are more agile mentally if they are socially active, a study has found ndash; an ... more

New study shows why tobacco industry investing millions in e-cigarettes. ... more

Women with Crohnrsquo;s disease are struggling with more complications and more hospitalisations tha ... more

Good news for thousands of Australians with coeliac disease as a unique Melbourne study has shown a ... more

Older drivers with age-related vision loss will be the focus of a newnbsp;QUTnbsp;study designed to ... more

Honeys antibacterial benefits are widely recognised but now a QUT team of optometry researchers is c ... more

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have established how two diseases that present in simil ... more

Can pain relievers really target a specific part of the body? Are generic medicines inferior to thei ... more

Arthritis is the second leading cause of disability in Australia with many sufferers so severely dis ... more

Neuroscientists are reprogramming skin cells in order to discover new treatments and ultimately a cu ... more

Consumers and health professionals are advised that the TGA has completed a review of the cardiovasc ... more

Advanced imaging technology that triples the field of view during colonoscopies has been shown to in ... more

Encouraging Australians to skip breakfast and all snacks between 8pm and midday might be the best wa ... more

Osteoporosis weakens more than just your bones. New research suggests it is linked to incontinence i ... more

Consumers and health professionals are advised that serotonin syndrome is a newly identified issue a ... more

Its official. Humanity is racing towards a post-antibiotic era, a time when todays life-saving drugs ... more

People are more likely to drink alcohol on days they are more active, according to a new study invol ... more

Menopausal women fear age-based discrimination in the workplace and face a glaring lack of menopause ... more

Patients who undergo hip fracture surgery in hospitals that have an orthogeriatric service have an i ... more

Its well known that omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 LC-PUFA) can help to prevent ... more

A world-first study innbsp;todaysnbsp;New England Journal of Medicinenbsp;heralds the efficacy of a ... more

Bowel cancer rates doubled in young Australians 20-29 years and are up by 35% in 30-39 year olds ove ... more

An innovative medical volunteer program will allow Australian doctors to virtually volunteerrsquo; i ... more

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